Conversations with Cait

Weekly interviews with experts from around the world that dig into the complexities of sustainability, climate change, and human rights.

Breaking Down the ESG Umbrella with Economist Rocco Ciciretti

When it comes to sustainable investing and understanding the future of corporate reporting many of us are understandably lost. Environmental, Social & Governance ratings are a relatively new phenomenon and as Dr. Rocco Ciciretti points out there’s still a lot to learn for consumers, investors, and for the corporations themselves. I had the great pleasure…

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Examining the Challenges, Future, & Benefits of Fair Trade

In 1998 Paul Rice founded Fair Trade USA with the mission to provide quality consumer products without compromising social, environmental, or economic standards. Since that time Fair Trade USA has grown from focusing on coffee to now include apparel, food, and home goods. While Fair Trade USA continues to see consumer demand rise that doesn’t…

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